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Truck Battery Replacement and Sales in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona,
as well as Las Vegas, and Clark County, Nevada.

Heavy Duty Truck Batteries For Sale in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona,  as well as Las Vegas, and Clark County, Nevada.  We will Sell you a Guaranteed Reconditioned Battery that will suit your make and model.  Please call us at (866) 601-9076 for the current pricing and availability.It is very easy to take the stuff that keeps our trucks running well for granted. Like its battery, of course! We hop in, turn the key, the engine starts running and we're off... at least until there's a click or dead silence when the key is turned in the ignition. There are clear signs of a dying battery that are easy to detect, but most often are ignored until they fail. You may have noticed that your dashboard lights and headlights are starting to fade when you start up, or your vehicle may even have trouble starting altogether. You may also see indicator lights on your dashboard warning you of battery failure. If this keep happening, then it's time to buy a replacement battery. Terrell Battery has a large selection of very long lasting heavy duty batteries, so you can turn on your vehicle whether it is in the bitter cold or sweltering heat, and you can haul that load. Once you call us and find the right battery for your truck, make sure you have jumper cables, chargers or other accessories in case of an emergency.

We No Longer Sell Guaranteed Reconditioned Batteries

If you expect your truck to start properly the first time every time, than you need to look no further than Terrel Battery's batteries. Our batteries feature heavy-duty construction and a maintenance-free design for superior power performance in any condition you might encounter.  Terrell Battery carries the most extensive line of Heavy-Duty batteries for those "rigs" that are in it for the long haul. For staying power in off-road vehicles and line-haul trucks or construction, farm, marine, and industrial applications, you need to get the battery that meets your demands in Phoenix, Tucson, AZ/Las Vegas, Clark County, NV. 

Terrell Battery Carries Exide® & Interstate® Batteries!

Terrell Battery offers an incomparable line of automotive battery power with Exide® & Interstate® batteries for all the vehicles in your life. These long-lasting Car or Truck batteries promise to provide equal or improved power for your vehicle.

Every Heavy Duty Truck Battery Comes With a 6 month free Replacement Warranty.

Today's truck accessories draw an ever increasing amount of power, which puts a large strain on your battery, especially if the engine is off. That's why our batteries are the smart choice for your power needs, ensuring that you've always got the power to keep your rig working hard whether you are in Phoenix, Tucson, or Vegas.